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Kingstar Direct Media is a Canadian Direct Response agency that specializes in DRTV Media Buying and Infomercial Production. Find out what it’s like to work with an award-winning Direct Marketing Agency – call us today!

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We are a direct response television (DRTV) media agency that specializes in media buying and we have also created successful commercial and infomercial productions for brands with creative marketing techniques and have established ourselves as Canada’s premier media agency.  We connect product, brand and emotion with motivational messages that sell to build brands through the use of highly persuasive infomercials, commercials and DRTV advertising and direct marketing.

Canadian Media Buying & Global Creative Marketing Agency
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We maximize our client’s return on investment with over $200 million of DRTV media buying experience in Canada. We offer advertisers unprecedented value and flexibility through volume media buying and long term inventory commitments on over 100 broadcast outlets. Our research and extensive experience in direct response allow us to develop uniquely Canadian campaigns that create awareness, build brands and drive retail sales.

Canada’s DRTV Media Experts – Our Services

Kingstar has been a good ally in our venture into the Canadian market and has provided us with guidance that shows they’re a company that develops strong long term relationships in the best interest of the client.

Rick L. Shiu – Beachbody

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